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What role can the practice manager have in communicating information to clients about proper nutrition?


  • Each member of the veterinary practice team has a responsibility to communicate the importance of nutrition to clients. In fact, every member should be viewed as a “nutrition champion.”1
  • Practice manager’s overall role: Confirms that all veterinary practice team members carry out their roles. Provides committed leadership on proper nutrition for the entire team.
  • Practice manager’s specific tasks:
    1. Meets with doctors and technicians to discuss how the nutrition protocol will be implemented.1
    2. Verifies there are adequate supplies of materials for exam rooms and at the reception desk.2
    3. Plans team meetings for training, education, and encouragement.
    4. Measures results manually or by using software. It has been shown that monitoring results leads to compliance and success.1
    5. Develops a marketing plan that promotes preventive health care (which includes nutrition).1
The Science Behind our Recommendations
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