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What role can the front desk staff/client service specialist have in communicating information to clients about proper nutrition?


  • Each member of the veterinary practice team has a responsibility to communicate the importance of nutrition to clients. In fact, every member should be viewed as a “nutrition champion.”1
  • Front desk staff/ client service specialist’s overall role: Supports the practice culture of nutrition as the fifth vital assessment.
  • Front desk staff/ client service specialist’s specific tasks:
    1. At check in, emphasizes that regular care and proper nutrition promote the pet’s quality of life and longevity. Ensures pre-exam paperwork is complete and answers common questions. Performs weigh-in for patient.2
    2. At check out, reviews the procedures that were performed and explains the value of nutritional management and wellness care.
    3. Dispenses food and reinforces specific dietary recommendations (specific food name, form, and amount).2
    4. Schedules a call-back in 2-7 days if a dietary recommendation is for a new food.2
    5. Asks clients if there are any questions.2
    6. Gives clients any other relevant educational material.
    7. Schedules next appointment for pet.
    8. Asks how a client would like to be reminded of important information. Email, telephone, or mail?
    9. Enters reminder codes for re-purchase of the food two weeks before the food will run out.2
    10. Sends reminders at scheduled times to clients.1
The Science Behind our Recommendations
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