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AAHA Raw Protein Diet Position Statement

Past proponents of raw food diets believed that this was the healthiest food choice for pets. It was also assumed that feeding such a diet would cause no harm to other animals or to humans. There have subsequently been multiple studies showing both these premises…

Nutrition: The 5th Vital Assessment

Conveniently provides PDF formats of three key nutrition resources for any practice: “Pet Nutrition Reference Manual”, “5VA Quick Reference Guide”, and “Helpful Communication Tips”.

What is the safest way to handle pet foods?

Answer: To reduce the risk of harmful bacterial contamination and food-borne illness, and to keep foods fresh, the following tips are advised for all commercially made pet foods (both cooked and raw): Buying food: Purchase food from reputable manufacturers who have demonstrated a long-term commitment…

Does neutering make dogs and cats gain weight and become obese?

Answer: The loss of estrogens and androgens (sex hormones) from neutering dogs and cats causes a decrease in metabolic rate, thus their energy needs are lower.1 Neutering a pet is linked to an increased risk of unhealthy weight gain and obesity if there is no…