What role can the front desk staff/client service specialist have in communicating information to clients about proper nutrition?


  • Each member of the veterinary practice team has a responsibility to communicate the importance of nutrition to clients. In fact, every member should be viewed as a “nutrition champion.”1
  • Front desk staff/ client service specialist’s overall role: Supports the practice culture of nutrition as the fifth vital assessment.
  • Front desk staff/ client service specialist’s specific tasks:
    • At check in, emphasizes that regular care and proper nutrition promote the pet’s quality of life and longevity. Ensures pre-exam paperwork is complete and answers common questions. Performs weigh-in for patient.2
    • At check out, reviews the procedures that were performed and explains the value of nutritional management and wellness care.
    • Dispenses food and reinforces specific dietary recommendations (specific food name, form, and amount).2
    • Schedules a call-back in 2-7 days if a dietary recommendation is for a new food.2
    • Asks clients if there are any questions.2
    • Gives clients any other relevant educational material.
    • Schedules next appointment for pet.
    • Asks how a client would like to be reminded of important information. Email, telephone, or mail?
    • Enters reminder codes for re-purchase of the food two weeks before the food will run out.2
    • Sends reminders at scheduled times to clients.1
The Science Behind our Recommendations
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