Controversial and Hot Topics

What actions can veterinary professionals take to reduce the risk of obesity and Diabetes in cats?

How to Report a Pet Food Complaint

You can report complaints about a pet food product electronically through the Safety Reporting Portal or you can call your state’s FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators.

Is feeding dry food the best way to prevent dental disease in dogs and cats?

AVMA Raw Foods and the AVMA’s Policy

An in-depth, broadly developed frequently asked questions document (FAQ) from the American Veterinary Medical Association on raw or undercooked animal-source protein in dog and cat diets. Covered topics include food safety concerns. Answers are well researched with accompanying citations.

ACVN FAQ & Toolkit List

A general Frequently Asked Questions site that contains brief, broad answers on food safety, and home-cooked and raw diets by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition.

Does feeding cats carbohydrate-based diets such as dry commercial food cause diabetes mellitus?

Why is corn an ingredient in pet foods? Is it used as filler? Is corn a major cause of allergies?

If dental treats will be a part of a pet’s diet, how should they be fed?